Board of Directors and Bylaws

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of the following officers and committee chairs. The current board is listed below. Board members for 2019 were elected in November 2018 and will begin serving in January 2019.

2018 officers

  • President: Sheila Fredette
  • Vice president: Debbie Wayne
  • Secretary: Barbara Taylor
  • Treasurer: Ann Acquilano

2018 committee chairs

  • Membership: Ann Acquilano
  • Hospitality: Lisa Rawlings
  • Newsletter: Barbara Taylor
  • Programs: Vernett Zimmerman
  • Publicity: Ilona Flowers
  • History: Lisa Rawlings
  • Charity: Amy Steffen and Pam Borden
  • Website: Barbara Taylor
  • Quilt show: Sheila Fredette

And a big thank you to the officers who have ably led us through the early years and concluded their terms in December 2017: Miranda Slade, president; Ann Acquilano, VP; Lisa Rawlings, secretary; and Vernett Zimmerman, treasurer.

Organization Bylaws