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Sewing for boutique sales and charity

  • A very hot (no pun intended) seller at craft fairs, Lisa calls ’em soup bowl koozies; others call them microwave bowl potholders. A couple of tutorials are linked below. Just remember ALL materials (fabric, thread, and batting) MUST be 100% cotton to avoid melting and fire mishaps.
  • Ten-minute table runner – YouTube video
  • Steno pad cover with matching pen (PDF) from Barbara Taylor
  • Clothing protectors – large adult bibs with pocket at bottom to catch food – guild members have pattern to accompany these instructions by Barbara Taylor
  • Lunchbox placemat (PDF) – instructions for a roll-up mini placemat – created by Amy Steffen
  • Flip and sew quilts – YouTube video – easy and quick technique for charity quilts. You can also check out flip and sew photos and explanations from Barbara’s visit with Linda Fishell at a Heart of the Triad Guild sew day. Scroll through to read text. If you click on and expand a photo, use the arrow at top to return to the explanatory text.

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