Carousel Quilters participates in various community events. Members create boutique items to sell at these events. Proceeds from sales support guild programming and purchase of supplies for charity sewing.

Winter 2019 Boutique events

As the holiday season approached, we participated in two event where we welcomed buyers of beautiful items made by our members and displayed and sold tickets for our 2019 raffle quilt. Our tables at these events sported our new lavender tablecloths along with crates that allowed for height and creative displays. Thanks MJ!

Winter Wonderland in Mebane

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we set up at the Mebane Arts and Community Center and welcomed a steady stream of shoppers all day long. It was a very successful day for both boutique sales and raffle quilt ticket sales, so much so that we had to scramble to restock our inventory before our next event.

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Secondhand Santa Sale

Just two weeks later on December 7th, we joined other vendors at the Elon Community Church. We had fun shopping for donated secondhand decorations and pottery and treats from other vendors.

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Fall 2019 Retreat

Lots of fun and interesting happenings on our second annual fall retreat held October 24-27 at the Summit Center located in the Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC.

On Wednesday Barbara T, Ann A, and Lisa R took the scenic route to the park to set up. Barbara’s car was loaded to the max so that Ann had to put her feet on a pack of water bottles and hold her arm up the whole way to keep boxes from tumbling down on her. Barbara who knows how to get to the park from HER house was less sure about directions after picking up Ann and Lisa and had plugged it into her car’s navigation system which had some strange ideas about a route. At one point, we had three phones with map apps and the car navigation all estimating different arrival times and routes. We finally made it and unloaded and set up.

Over the course of the next four days, 23 quilters turned out as overnighters or day campers. In addition to BCQG members, we welcomed back for a second year, Tanya from Alamance Piecemakers and Lisa’s friend Chris and her friend Lyleen as well as friends of Chris for the first time, Linda, and Geri.

Every day was filled with fun as we sewed, consulted with one another on projects, taught one another new tricks and skills, and ate a lot – not just meals but the amazing between-meals snacks provided by members. We also admired each other’s progress and completed works – motivated by Lisa’s drawings with ever-changing rules that rewarded quilters who finished projects with extra tickets in the pot.

Friday morning was particularly interesting as overnight campers woke up to no hot water, and we were all grateful for the announcement during breakfast hot water had been restored. There were some amusing hairdos that day since most of us chose to just sew as we were. Other than that, the accommodations were wonderful – comfortable rooms, pleasant staff – including those who adjusted the thermostat multiple times as we got cold or hot.

Then Saturday just before supper time, most people’s machines shut down and part of the overhead lights went out. Turns out a tree fell on a power line and knocked out power to part of the building. The ranger came in to report that supper was warm and we could eat early and hope the power would be restored in the meantime. After dinner, we got creative and plugged strips into working outlets so we were back in business, and there was a group hurrah when everything came back on and we could see to sew into the evening – or for some into the wee hours of the morning.

Many thanks to Lisa R. for all the hard work she put into advance arrangements, communication with the park staff and those of us attending, organizing, and providing treat bags, decorations and prizes.

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Early Fall 2019 Events

We shared our love of quilting with community members at two events over the past two Saturdays.

Liberty Heritage  Festival

quilts on displatOn September 28th, we took our boutique items and raffle quilt to the town of Liberty, NC for their Heritage Festival. It was a hot day, so we were fortunate to be indoors and also enjoyed having a room of our own so we could spread out and display our stuff. In addition to selling handmade items and raffle quilt tickets, we also contributed quilts for display, adding to those made in the local community. A couple of the quilts we took were made by MJ’s great grandmother whose husband was mayor of Liberty!

Check out photos of our Heritage Festival display.

Mebane Autumn Fest

On October 5th, we had two booths at the Autumn Fest in downtown Mebane, NC. Our beautiful raffle quilt was on display in a booth right beside our boutique booth, and we had brisk sales all day as visitors admired our handiwork.

Quilters with binsWe had a bit of a rough start to the morning when we arrived at 7:30am as we were told to do to set up and owners of cars had not obeyed the signs to remove their cars from the street by 6am – a problem since we could not set up our booths until tow trucks arrived to remove the cars. Add to that it was chilly and windy – for the first time in months, so Teresa wrapped up in a quilt to stay warm while we stood around and watched the spectacle of guys trying to break into cars and eventually wenching them up onto trailers. Incidentally the quilt Teresa is wrapped in was made by MJ who won’t be able to share it at “show and tell” because we sold it!

Finally with the streets cleared, we got everything set up with the help of Sheila’s husband and honorary guild member Frank.

We had a wonderful day chatting with visitors to our booths about quilting and may even have recruited a few new members. Our biggest sellers by far were our soup bowl koozies/microwave bowl holders. We started the morning with three tall stacks and ended the day with exactly two soup bowl koozies left, so we will need to get busy sewing to replenish our stock before our next events.

quilters with award

To round out the wonderful day, we were presented with an award for Best Three Dimensional Art, and along with that, we get a free booth at next year’s event!

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Welcome Home Event with CAS

Carousel Quilters at lunchOn Saturday, June 8, several guild members joined Carolina Adoption Services for a Welcome Home event to welcome adopted children to their new homes. We enjoyed watching the high energy children painting and playing in the gym and joined them for lunch.

The highlight of the event was the presenting of mini quilts to children and families who were present. It turns out families we made quilts for live all over the country and beyond; CAS supports any U.S. citizen families through the process of domestic and foreign adoptions. Due to geography, weather, and vacation/school schedules, the turnout was lower than expected, but all of our quilts plus those made by quilters at Twin Lakes were on display, and those not presented at the event will be mailed to the families.

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Dany and Lupita are siblings who received quilts made by Linda and Lisa R. They are pictured below with Lisa, their older brother, and their parents. Dany was so excited when they were headed back to the table and said “Do we get to keep it?!!” Barbara B. could not be at the event, but her beautiful quilt was given to Vasko and his parents, and finally Adelaide and her mom were all smiles as they received the quilt made by Kathy.

It turns out our work is not done. CAS hopes we will continue making quilts for additional adopted children. They are also hoping we will create a larger quilt using paintings the children made at the event so that they can auction off the quilt at their October fundraiser, the Blue Jeans and Pearls Masquerade Gala. CAS staff are looking into printing photos of the artwork on fabric, and we are looking for creative ideas and enthusiastic sewers to put it together.

Kids' artwork

Addendum: In September, a group of us completed a quilt made from kids’ artwork.

Uncle Eli’s 2019

group photo of guild membersAfter another year of attending quilt shows and local festivals and events to display and sell tickets for our 2018 Bella Roma raffle quilt, we took the quilt for its final showing at the 88th annual Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party on April 4, 2019. A good time was had by the many guild members who attended the event.

Log cabin quiltThere were many quilts – both old and new to enjoy and many friends – old and new with whom to share our love of quilting. Teresa also had our 2020 raffle quilt “Geese at the Cabin” on display and was available to share the story of its making with visitors.

Nannie Lou McBane, 84, was the honored quilter at this year’s event – recognizing her role as a quilting teacher in the community and as one of the three women (along with Mildred Guthrie and Pat Bailey) who kept the quilting party going in the lean years of the late 1960s. Nannie drew the winning ticket for Kim Battle who was not present, but was thrilled when Lisa called her to let her know she had won, and she plans to attend our guild meeting on Tuesday night when we will present her with the quilt in person!

Check out photos from Uncle Eli’s 2019 quilting party and this article with two great videos from WXII 12: Fellowship is focus of annual Uncle Eli quilting party in rural Alamance County.

A birthday tea party

What a fun time we had celebrating with Frances for her birthday. We threw a tea party that was enjoyed by all.

Lisa had “fun” washing all the teacups in her collection and dusting the surfaces where they usually reside, and Lisa, Barbara, and Ann A. provided delectable edibles. The table was decorated with a cover crocheted by Frances’s mother!

Guild members and fellow residents who are also quilters enjoyed visiting with one another over tea and treats as we celebrated Frances. Several folks also enjoyed practicing drinking their tea with pinkie extended, which apparently, despite popular thinking, is actually not considered proper. We will have to remember that for our next tea party!

Check out more photos from the tea party.

Elon craft fair 2018

We had a great day hanging out at Elon Community Church’s Secondhand Santa and Craft Fair. We had good sales of our boutique items, and raffle ticket sales were steady as well. Thanks to all our members for their contributions of sewn items that made sales possible.

Thanks to Enola, Sheila, Ann, and Lisa R. for their efforts setting up Friday night and to Enola, Lisa R., Lisa J., Barbara, Amy, Ann, and Sylvia for staffing the booth on Saturday.



Sewing at Alamance House Nov 2018

Terri-Lynne, Ann, Barbara, Ilona, and Kathy turned out on the first Tuesday of November to join in the sewing fun with residents of Alamance House.

Three residents were eager to sew, and Terri-Lynne had come up with a project that involved sewing walker bags from dish towels and had purchased cute dish towel sets that residents could choose from.

This month we had 5 helpers for 3 sewers, but the more the merrier, especially if more residents turn out to sew. Contact Terri-Lynne by email or text if you would like to join in – first Tuesdays in the morning. Before we began sewing, we shared some of our own projects.

Fall Retreat 2018

group photoWhat an amazing time we had October 25-28 at the Summit Center located in the Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC. Over the course of four days, 20 quilters turned out as overnighters or day campers, and we are all grateful to Lisa R. for all the hard work she put into arrangements, organizing, and setup. In addition to BCQG members, we welcomed Tanya from Alamance Piecemakers, Lisa’s friend Chris, and her friend Lyleen.

We sewed, consulted with one another on projects, admired each other’s progress and completed works, taught one another new tricks and skills, ate a lot, and sometimes stretched and danced. Barbara’s friend Alexa was a big hit for tunes and occasional jokes. Check out photos below.

Sewing at Alamance House Oct 2018

Terri-Lynne’s father lives at Alamance House, and she was approached by the activities director who asked if she might find a way to get her residents interested in sewing. Terri-Lynne volunteered to work with them once a month and recruited BCQG members to help. Terri-Lynne organized a planning meeting where she, Lisa, and Ilona decided to open the session with a trunk show/show and tell session and then have a few residents stay and sew on the available machines.

Lisa and Terri-Lynne were present for the first session with residents on October 2nd. They had eight people present for the first half of the meeting and their mini trunk show.

Three women stayed to sew. They started out by teaching the women how to use the machines and how to sew a 1/4 inch +/- seam. It became apparent early on that these women were serious about their choices and knew where they were headed with learning to sew “again.” Two women completed small table runners that Lisa so graciously had provided kits for. One woman requested a seatbelt cover and she completed most of it with Lisa adding Velcro at a later date.

Terri-Lynne and Lisa reported it was a really fun outing, but they do need enough BCQG volunteers to be able to work with the residents one on one. Contact Terri-Lynne by email or text if you would like to join them next month – first Tuesdays in the morning. We may be able to set up some Saturday sessions for guild members who work during the week.