Carousel Quilters participates in various community events. Members create boutique items to sell at these events. Proceeds from sales support guild programming and purchase of supplies for charity sewing.

Elon craft fair 2018

We had a great day hanging out at Elon Community Church’s Secondhand Santa and Craft Fair. We had good sales of our boutique items, and raffle ticket sales were steady as well. Thanks to all our members for their contributions of sewn items that made sales possible.

Thanks to Enola, Sheila, Ann, and Lisa R. for their efforts setting up Friday night and to Enola, Lisa R., Lisa J., Barbara, Amy, Ann, and Sylvia for staffing the booth on Saturday.



Sewing at Alamance House Nov 2018

Terri-Lynne, Ann, Barbara, Ilona, and Kathy turned out on the first Tuesday of November to join in the sewing fun with residents of Alamance House.

Three residents were eager to sew, and Terri-Lynne had come up with a project that involved sewing walker bags from dish towels and had purchased cute dish towel sets that residents could choose from.

This month we had 5 helpers for 3 sewers, but the more the merrier, especially if more residents turn out to sew. Contact Terri-Lynne by email or text if you would like to join in – first Tuesdays in the morning. Before we began sewing, we shared some of our own projects.

Fall Retreat 2018

group photoWhat an amazing time we had October 25-28 at the Summit Center located in the Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC. Over the course of four days, 20 quilters turned out as overnighters or day campers, and we are all grateful to Lisa R. for all the hard work she put into arrangements, organizing, and setup. In addition to BCQG members, we welcomed Tanya from Alamance Piecemakers, Lisa’s friend Chris, and her friend Lyleen.

We sewed, consulted with one another on projects, admired each other’s progress and completed works, taught one another new tricks and skills, ate a lot, and sometimes stretched and danced. Barbara’s friend Alexa was a big hit for tunes and occasional jokes. Check out photos below.

Sewing at Alamance House Oct 2018

Terri-Lynne’s father lives at Alamance House, and she was approached by the activities director who asked if she might find a way to get her residents interested in sewing. Terri-Lynne volunteered to work with them once a month and recruited BCQG members to help. Terri-Lynne organized a planning meeting where she, Lisa, and Ilona decided to open the session with a trunk show/show and tell session and then have a few residents stay and sew on the available machines.

Lisa and Terri-Lynne were present for the first session with residents on October 2nd. They had eight people present for the first half of the meeting and their mini trunk show.

Three women stayed to sew. They started out by teaching the women how to use the machines and how to sew a 1/4 inch +/- seam. It became apparent early on that these women were serious about their choices and knew where they were headed with learning to sew “again.” Two women completed small table runners that Lisa so graciously had provided kits for. One woman requested a seatbelt cover and she completed most of it with Lisa adding Velcro at a later date.

Terri-Lynne and Lisa reported it was a really fun outing, but they do need enough BCQG volunteers to be able to work with the residents one on one. Contact Terri-Lynne by email or text if you would like to join them next month – first Tuesdays in the morning. We may be able to set up some Saturday sessions for guild members who work during the week.

Mebane Autumn Fest 2018

Weather seems to be working against us at our fall outdoor events. After a very hot day at the Barks and Craft Fair in September, October’s Autumn Fest in Mebane brought rain. Our crew stuck it out though and welcomed visitors to our new and improved booth. Thanks to Debbie for buying the collapsible rack and covered hangers so we could get some of our items up and off the crowded tables.

We were able to show and sell tickets for our raffle quilt and sell boutique items as well.

Thanks to Lisa and Gail for photos shown below.

Columbiettes Barks & Craft Fair 2018
Craft fair booth

Our booth all set up and ready for visitors

It was a hot Saturday as we welcomed visitors to our booth at Blessed Sacrament’s Columbiettes Barks and Craft Fair.

Thanks to:

  • Enola for all her advance preparation sorting, counting, organizing, tagging, and packing our many items (and to her husband for hauling it all to/from the event) and for updating our online inventory before and after the sale.

    The crew

    Hot and tired crew near end of day

  • Enola, Ann A., Lisa R., Barbara and Debbie for arriving early, setting up, staffing the booth all day, and packing up.
  • Lisa J., Ann L., and Helen D. for hanging out and helping for part of the day.
  • Lori for dropping by and then going home to get us a fan and extension cord to help us cool off.
  • Amy and her Columbiettes staff for welcoming us and bringing us cold water throughout the day.
  • All our wonderful members who contributed sewn items to sell.

Visitors enjoyed seeing (and buying tickets for) our raffle quilt and also purchased boutique items we had for sale.

4th Fridays Downtown 2018

On August 24, guild members participated in Burlington’s final 2018 4th Fridays Downtown. Sewing machines were set up inside the historic depot building where children and adults alike were invited, with assistance from guild members, to sew squares together into 4-patch blocks and take them home. As you can see from the photos below, sewers enjoyed themselves, and face painting was popular as well.

Our newest raffle quilt was also on display. Be sure to buy your tickets now!

Thanks to Lisa R., Ann A., and Ilona for representing the guild and for their support of community sewers.

Uncle Eli’s 2018 – and the winner is…

Quilt posterAfter a long year of attending numerous quilt shows, various local festivals and town events to display and sell tickets for our 2017 Tree of Life raffle quilt, we took the quilt for its final showing at the 87th annual Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party on April 5, 2018. Organizers of the event reported record crowds in attendance. Ticket sales were brisk all morning right up until the actual drawing at 11:30.

When the winning name of Doris Banner was announced, there was a cry from behind the announcer saying, “That’s my mama!” and BCQG member Terri-Lynne jumped up to claim the quilt for her mother.

Check out photos from Uncle Eli’s 2018 quilting party and enjoy the video below of the actual drawing.

BCQG group photo

A good time was had by the many guild members who attended the event. There were many quilts – both old and new to enjoy and many friends – old and new to share our love of quilting with.

Celebrating with Frances

On Friday, Lisa arranged a surprise party to celebrate Frances turning 88. Frances thought she was having lunch with Lisa at Mosca’s, and she was – except that seven other guild members were there when they arrived. Frances was surprised, and we all had a blast eating good Italian food followed by cupcakes and opening of cards.

After lunch most of us headed over to the quilt show put on by Alamance PieceMakers where we enjoyed looking at the beautiful quilts on display.

See more birthday party photos.

Elon Craft Fair 2017

Today we enjoyed hanging out at the Elon Community Church during their Second Hand Santa & Craft Bazaar. We had good sales of our boutique items, and raffle ticket sales were strong as well. Even though we had sewn a lot of soup “koozies” (microwave bowl potholders), we nearly depleted our supply today.

Lisa encouraged folks to wear Santa hats. Barbara opted for antlers, and Lisa was pleased until Amy showed up and outshone everyone with her morning 99 cent purchase from the thrift shop. Lisa is on a mission now to find a better hat.

Dog with jewel bibAt some point in the afternoon, a dog showed up and was trotting around, and we tried to enlist the owner to buy some doggie clothing. He said he didn’t dress his dog, but we persisted and tried to sell him an embroidered tuxedo. His response was the dog was a girl, but that didn’t get him off the hook since we also had an embroidered necklace, so we made a sale, and the newly adorned dog scampered off to entertain others.

Thanks to Ann, Lisa, Barbara, Sylvia, Amy, and Teresa for staffing the booth and to Debbie for bringing her family to shop.

Check out more photos from 2017 Elon craft fair.