Carousel Quilters participates in various community events. Members create boutique items to sell at these events. Proceeds from sales support guild programming and purchase of supplies for charity sewing.

Uncle Eli’s 2018 – and the winner is…

Quilt posterAfter a long year of attending numerous quilt shows, various local festivals and town events to display and sell tickets for our 2017 Tree of Life raffle quilt, we took the quilt for its final showing at the 87th annual Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party on April 5, 2018. Organizers of the event reported record crowds in attendance. Ticket sales were brisk all morning right up until the actual drawing at 11:30.

When the winning name of Doris Banner was announced, there was a cry from behind the announcer saying, “That’s my mama!” and BCQG member Terri-Lynne jumped up to claim the quilt for her mother.

Check out photos from Uncle Eli’s 2018 quilting party and enjoy the video below of the actual drawing.

BCQG group photo

A good time was had by the many guild members who attended the event. There were many quilts – both old and new to enjoy and many friends – old and new to share our love of quilting with.

Celebrating with Frances

On Friday, Lisa arranged a surprise party to celebrate Frances turning 88. Frances thought she was having lunch with Lisa at Mosca’s, and she was – except that seven other guild members were there when they arrived. Frances was surprised, and we all had a blast eating good Italian food followed by cupcakes and opening of cards.

After lunch most of us headed over to the quilt show put on by Alamance PieceMakers where we enjoyed looking at the beautiful quilts on display.

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Elon Craft Fair

Today we enjoyed hanging out at the Elon Community Church during their Second Hand Santa & Craft Bazaar. We had good sales of our boutique items, and raffle ticket sales were strong as well. Even though we had sewn a lot of soup “koozies” (microwave bowl potholders), we nearly depleted our supply today.

Lisa encouraged folks to wear Santa hats. Barbara opted for antlers, and Lisa was pleased until Amy showed up and outshone everyone with her morning 99 cent purchase from the thrift shop. Lisa is on a mission now to find a better hat.

Dog with jewel bibAt some point in the afternoon, a dog showed up and was trotting around, and we tried to enlist the owner to buy some doggie clothing. He said he didn’t dress his dog, but we persisted and tried to sell him an embroidered tuxedo. His response was the dog was a girl, but that didn’t get him off the hook since we also had an embroidered necklace, so we made a sale, and the newly adorned dog scampered off to entertain others.

Thanks to Ann, Lisa, Barbara, Sylvia, Amy, and Teresa for staffing the booth and to Debbie for bringing her family to shop.

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Mebane Autumn Fest

Mebane Autumn FestSaturday was a beautiful fall day to host a booth in downtown Mebane at the Autumn Fest.

Thanks to Ann, Lisa, Pam and Shelia as well as Lisa’s friend from out of town for staffing the booth all day. Sales were great on tickets for our raffle quilt as well as boutique items we had for sale.

Check out more photos from the event.

4th Fridays Downtown – Round 2

On September 22, guild members once again participated in Burlington’s 4th Fridays Downtown. Sewing machines were set up inside the historic depot building, and children were invited with assistance from guild members to sew together squares for a future charity quilt.

Our raffle quilt was also on display.

Thanks to Lisa, Frances, and Sheila for representing the guild and for their support of young sewers.

Columbiettes Craft Fair

Columbiettes booth 2017Saturday was a beautiful fall day and we had the opportunity to host a booth at Blessed Sacrament’s fourth annual Columbiettes Arts and Craft Fair.

Thanks to Ann, Lisa, and Shelia for staffing the booth all day and to Barbara for helping set up in the morning.

Visitors enjoyed seeing (and bought tickets for) our raffle quilt and also purchased boutique items we had for sale.

microwave bowl holders

One item that was particularly popular were the microwave soup bowl cozies. They are easy to sew and mass produce using these microwave bowl potholder instructions. Barbara made seven including the ones shown to the right using these instructions and they all sold on Saturday. Join the fun and help us rebuild the cozies inventory. Just be sure to use 100% cotton everything – thread, fabric, and batting so there are no microwave meltdowns!


4th Fridays Downtown

BCQG members with young sewersOn June 23, guild members participated in Burlington’s 4th Fridays Downtown. Sewing machines were set up inside the historic depot building, and children were invited with assistance from guild members to sew together squares for a future charity quilt.

Our raffle quilt was on display and ticket sales were good.

Thanks to Ann, Ilona, Maria, and Lisa for representing the guild and for their support of young sewers.

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April events

Heart of the Triad Quilt Show

Martelli rep demoOn Friday and Saturday, April 21/22, members attended the Heart of the Triad Quilt Show in Greensboro. Lisa, Frances, and Barbara staffed our table and sold raffle tickets on Friday and Lisa and Miranda did the same on Saturday. Erma, Pam, and Ann visited the show on Friday and got trapped by the Martelli Enterprises salesman. Terri-Lynne also attended, and she and Barbara hammed it up when Lisa loaned them her phone with a request to take a photo of a quilt for her. Miranda won the door prize drawing on Saturday, and Lisa and Miranda came home with a carload of stuff for guild work.

See photos from quilt show.

Burlington Maker Faire

Maker Faire boothOn Saturday, we had a booth at the Burlington Maker Faire. We had boutique items and raffle tickets available for sale. Ann and Sheila brought sewing machines and did some sewing.

LM Wood who teaches art at Elon was one person who stopped by and showed us her fabric wallet that is wearing out. She hoped we had one for sale, so if anyone wants to use the photos of her wallet to take on making one, we have at least one potential buyer.

Susan Owenby of The Bored Zombie was exhibiting nearby displaying two of her amazing pieces – her Harry Potter quilt and Doxstar’s Flight. Susan will be a guest speaker at our August membership meeting.

Check out more photos from Maker Faire.

2017 Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party

Many members attended the 86th annual Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party. Check out the Times News article, Every Quilt has a Story, photos on Uncle Eli’s Facebook page as well as photos taken by Lisa. Our raffle quilt was on display and was a big hit. The drawing for the winning ticket will be at Uncle Eli’s in 2018.