Block of the month

2020 – Round Ostrich

Our monthly challenge this year is called a “round ostrich.” You may have heard of a Round Robin where each person puts fabric in a box and sends it to a group of quilters; each person adds a round and passes it along to the next person. At the end, it is sent back to the original person, which sadly sometimes never happens! 

Instead of a robin, we are going to be like the ostrich who doesn’t fly around. Each participating member will decide on fabrics/theme/scale and create her own quilt by starting with a center and then adding borders for 8 months, but all on her own. This almost guarantees she will end up with a completed quilt and hopefully not another UFO! Check out photos of our medallion quilts in progress.

2019 – Mystery Quilt

For most of 2019, we participated in a mystery quilt from Merry Mayhem. Clues were made available to members each month with instructions on blocks to make.

See photos of completed mystery quilts.

2017-2018 – winner takes all each month

Mid year 2017, we started a new block-of-the-month project. Members select a month and contribute ideas in advance for block design and colors. Then each member sews one or more blocks based on the design and colors for the month. At the following meeting, all who contribute block(s) are entered into a drawing – one entry for each block made, and the single winner takes home all the blocks.

See challenge block photos.


During 2016, at each meeting we watched together a block-of-the-month video from Quilt Addicts Anonymous 2015 Calypso Kaleidoscope pattern, and some of us actually kept up month by month! Starting with the January 2015 block of the month, you can follow links at the bottom of the page for each successive month.