March 2022 – Amy Pabst

Our March meeting was held at the Elon Community Church in conjunction with the 2022 Quilt show. We joined together with the Alamance Piecemakers for a special teacher, Amy Pabst.  She brought wonderful and amazing sample quilts of her work that illustrated her quilting journey so far. It seemed to us that her theme was “How Small can I go?”

Dear Jane Quilt made from a kit.

First Applique quilt, The Rabbit

Elephants on parade!

Actual postage stamps with tulle layered on top. Postage Stamp quilt.

Silk Coverlet was her pattern for this quilt. Totally Asymmetrical.

Butterfly quilt made from cigarette silks that used to come in the packs of cigarettes in the 1930’s and 1940’s. 

Another appliqué quilt made from a kit. 

Bleach painting. All the same fabrics used but one side is bleached and the other left original fabric.

Kathy Linus quilt. She used striped fabrics in between solids and prints to create this design. 

Crazy quilt made from silks and all hand embroidered. 

Log Cabin Series

Amy was told that she needed to do a series to be able to enter a quilt show as a new artist. She decided to do a Log Cabin series because it could be pieced or paper pieced. 

Modern log cabin

Solid Log Cabin 

 Log cabin quilt made of 1 ½ inch blocks

More Striped material left over from quilt above.  Blocks getting smaller and smaller.

100,000 pieces! Made for the cover of her first book. 

Blue and Burgundy Log Cabin

All Wool Log Cabin. Each center is red and has a hand embroidered cross in it.

What can you do with the leftover? 1/8-inch strips!

1975 Thunder quilt reproduction. 1 ½ inch blocks in the body and ¾ inch blocks for the binding. 

Thunder quilt made in purples.  Amy used printed Velvet to back her Purple Thunder.

Micro-Quilt Series

First Micro quilt in Log Cabin ½ inch blocks. Copper Pennies.

1800 quilt reproduction sent to England for quilt show. 12X12

Amish Pineapple 11,000 Pieces

Yellow and Green Pineapple used 1/8 inch strips.

Kimonos lining from 1930/40’s used to make this quilt. Orange Kimono lining quilt 10X10

Another 10X10 quilt. Amazing tiny blocks!

Pilgrim Roy design with wool used as batting and backing. 

Rainbow ½ squares with yellow centers.

Quilt made at Artist Residency

Another 10X10 quilt but with a ruffle binding sewn on her Featherweight machine. 

Stain Glass quilt. Tiny blocks!

Micro quilt made from her Pastor’s neckties. 

Another necktie quilt made from donations.

Log Cabin quilt shown at Houston show. 

100,000 Pieces Quilt and Amy’s book that is available on Amazon. 

Many of us were amazed at the size of Amy’s quilts and blocks that made them up. 

She will be teaching classes later in 2022 and is still trying to find out how small she can go!

  • Thanks very much to Sylvia, our guild’s historian, for documenting Amy’s journey!
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