January 2022 – Part 2 – A New Year with BCQG

At January’s meeting, we met special guests who represent several of the charity organizations our guild supports. See blog post “January 2022 – Part 1 – Charity Spotlight” to see how our donations to their organizations have impacted the larger community.

Of course, Amy had a “special blanket” (or two) ready to present to Meredith for the kids at CrossRoads.

2022 President’s Challenge

Walking in for the first meeting of the year, we were greeted by the co-Presidents – Mary and Ann L. – and asked to “pick a number!” The surprise was the 2022 “President’s Challenge” – a small collection of fabrics that (they hope) will inspire your first quilt project of the new year! At the November meeting, we will all “show and tell” what we made – and at least 10 prizes will be awarded!

What did you find in your surprise bag? (If your fabrics don’t “inspire” you, SWAP with a friend!)

Workshop Sign Ups

Two different sewing projects will be taught in March during the Quilt Show. Tonight we were given a chance to sign up – just to show we were “interested.” If you could not attend the January meeting, contact the teachers to let them know you would be interested in taking their class. At this point, we are still trying to determine how many “sessions” will be needed, and also what time of day to offer them. So your input NOW can help us prepare for a great event in March at the Quilt Show!

Sign up with Phyllis to Make Candle Mats (tiny table toppers)

In the 4 hour workshop, you can make your first candle mat – from start to finish! Phyllis will provide a cutting template if you don’t have your own 10-degree ruler. Supply List for the “quick version” requires only a few charm squares! Get all the details from Phyllis, and complete your Registration Form at the February meeting. Phyllis will teach on Wednesday and Friday at the Quilt Show.

Sign up for a workshop with Mary – Learn to make the “Scrappy Star Quilt”

Mary brought her own quilt to show what YOU can learn to make in her workshop. Make as many stars as YOU want! Mary explained that she decided to add the scrappy border to make the quilt fit her bed! She did have a few stars left over, which she sewed into the backing! Mary will teach on Thursday and Saturday at the Quilt Show. Payment “locks in” your seat – limit of 10 students per session. Register at the February meeting (or look for the form online).

Sign Up for 2022 Committees – HERE’S WHAT WE DO:

One of our January rituals is to review the work of our various committees – and recruit members to help the chairs accomplish their goals for the year 2022. Note: Committee Chairs are official members of BCQ’s Board of Directors. The Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month to work out the business of the Guild, so that our “regular” meetings can focus on fun and learning!

Gail spoke on behalf of HOSPITALITY. Please let Gail or Enola know if someone is sick and needs a card to be sent on behalf of the Guild.

Enola announced the first RETREAT of the year, and gave dates for all three events that she and Diana have lined up (in June, October, and November). What do we do on retreats? “Quilt until you wilt!” according to one enthusiastic sewist in the group! No, we don’t organize classes. You are guaranteed to learn something, though, just by the sharing that goes on while everyone works on projects they brought along.

The first retreat is in Waynesville in June.


Lynn introduced the UFO Challenge for 2022. Just the simple act of making a list of your UnFinished projects provides a target you can shoot for during the coming year. Plus, there will be prizes for those who complete their lists (or complete the most), etc.

Speaking of UFOs, Ann L. took this opportunity to announce the 2021 UFO Challenge WINNERS: Barbara T. won the “grand prize” for completing 100% of her listed UFO projects (16). Ann A. won second place for completing the MOST projects (22 of the 24 on her list), and Tanya won an “honorable mention” for completing 13 of the 22 UFOs on her list.

MEMBERSHIP Committee – Debbie is the new Chair

While Debbie was busy tallying up checks and verifying that she had received forms from everyone, Lynn reminded everyone that annual renewals are due tonight. Speaking of membership, Phyllis introduced a guest she had invited, who later turned in her Membership Form. Welcome, Rosemary!

BOUTIQUE Event coming up at the Quilt Show in March

The Boutique Committee still needs an official 2022 Chairperson – because we will surely want to participate in our “favorite” two fall events – AutumnFest (October) and Winter Wonderland (in November). For now, Sheila is “acting chair,” holding down the position to get us through the upcoming Boutique opportunity during the Quilt Show. She recently provided a list of suggested projects, to guide what we make and donate to sell at the Boutique. You can find her updated list online in the folder called “Patterns-Instructions-Tips.” She is especially looking for Easter, Spring, and Summer items.

2022 Programs – “Back to the Basics”

On behalf of Cindy, the 2022 chair of the Programs Committee, Teresa announced “Back to the Basics” as the theme this year.

Enola announced that we plan to invite Pat Love from “Shear Love Sharpening” to an upcoming meeting. For $5 per pair, Mr. Love will sharpen scissors, knives, and even gardening shears during our meeting time.

In February, “our own” Mary will bring in a collection of her quilts for a “Trunk Show.” Mary will also lead the Featherweight Club’s first meeting at our Sew Day in February.

NOTE THAT THE JANUARY SEW DAY IS CANCELLED (by the church due to Covid concerns).

Art Feeds the Soul Quilt Show

In March, we will have a special presenter AND a pre-opening preview of our “Art Feeds the Soul” Quilt Show! Members of both guilds will gather at Elon Community Church at 6:30 PM on our “regular” meeting night to “kick off” the 4-day event. The Show is an event many of us have been waiting for – a combined quilt show with our “sister” organization, Alamance Piecemakers Quilt Guild (the “morning” guild in Alamance County). To celebrate this combining of guilds, the Show Planning committee has invited Amy Pabst for a special presentation. Amy Pabst is “famous” for her variations on the Log Cabin block, and is also a certified quilt judge from West Virginia, and has written two books.

Mary, Ann L., and Tanya (who are representing BCQG on the Quilt Show Planning Committee) urged the members in attendance to enter a quilt (up to 3!) in the Quilt Show. Entry Forms must be postmarked by February 1. (Don’t worry, quilts don’t need to be turned in so soon!) Quilts are to be turned in between February 21 and February 27. Details are on the Entry Form. Forms are available in the folder marked “Quilt Show 2022 – Art Feeds the Soul.”

Show and Tell – by Amy

Amy brought two of her quilts to share, and although our meeting was long, we HAD to see and applaud them! We hope to see the orange one in the Quilt Show in March!

January To-Do List:

  • Make sure you have renewed your membership
  • Add your name to the Committee List for the new year
  • Postmark your Quilt Show ENTRY FORMs by February 1
  • Contact the two teachers of quilt show workshops if you are interested in signing up
  • Plan to pick up a Presidents’ Challenge surprise bag next month
  • Fill out your UFO list
  • Put the 3 retreat dates on your calendar and consider signing up (see newsletter for dates)
  • Get busy making some spring- or summer-themed items to sell at the Boutique in March
  • Start sewing up your first project of the new year!

For those members who missed the January meeting (quite a few!), please know YOU WERE MISSED!

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