October 2021 – First Quilts, Antique Quilts, etc!

The month of October meeting was a really fun one.  We did not have a speaker but everyone was asked to bring in their first quilt they ever made.

Ann’s first quilt hung in her sister’s office at City Hall for many years!

We had several ladies bring their first quilts.   It was fun to see how far we all have come since then.  Lisa started this quilt before she owned a sewing machine! Hand pieced in 2007, it was a kit she bought at JoAnn Fabrics. This led her to buy a sewing machine – and launched a new hobby.

Lisa’s first quilt has been on display in her guest room all these years.

Barbara had one that she made after she sketched out and colored what she wanted and a friend told her the dimensions of the pieces and she cut them out and pieced it. The friend then hand quilted it and the quilting was fantastic. 

Teresa showed her Attic window, but with yellow for sunshine. 

Lori brought hers in as well,  it was a sampler quilt, and Sheila’s first quilt was a rail fence.

Amy, Catherine, Tanya, and Gail C. also bought in their first quilts.

Antique Quilts

Then we moved on to antique or old quilts. 

Teresa’s antique quilt

Lori showed her Grandmother’s Garden quilt top that was given to her, which was made by a family member, when she first was married. She still is waiting for the right quilt pattern to quilt it, but feels it will need to be hand quilted. 

Lori’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Lisa showed her favorite quilt, Whigs Defeat, that she purchased. It was made around 1890 -1910.  It was labeled and she plans to eventually donate it to a museum. Lisa’s other quilt was a 1930’s Friendship Star string quilt made of old feed sacks. She didn’t  realize when she bought it that the stars on the front were pieces of feed sacks until she took it to Uncle Eli’s Quilt show and the knowledgeable ladies there helped her identify and ballpark dated it. There was no label on it. The back of the quilt had been pieced with sacks with printing on them yet.  

Mary brought in an old one that she purchased at an estate sale made from pattern the Bear Paws design.  Really nice.

Sheila brought in two family quilts that were recently given to her. One of the quilts was not in good condition so she planned to use parts of it as the back of a window project she likes to do.

Barbara’s grandmother left lots of quilt tops behind when she died. Three were hand appliqued. Her same friend hand quilted one and the other two are still not quilted.

Another of her grandmother’s quilts was finished and has a design that looked like a peppermint swirl.  The hand quilting was wonderful.   

Show and Tell

We then had show and tell of things we have made.  Tanya had just entered 11 items in the Greensboro fair and won ribbons for 8 of her items. She showed us her ribbons and some of the small quilts she entered.

Amy brought in her carpenter star she made. Lori showed a panel she made for her neighbor for Christmas, and the Pineapple kit she turned into her husband’s Christmas gift (in 2019). Sheila demo’ed the glow in the dark sword on a recently completed quilt for Boutique,

Mary had just delivered this quilt made for her son and his fiancée who had just bought a house up north.

Thanks to Ann L for this meeting summary.

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