August 10, 2021 – What makes it modern?

Our guest speaker was Judi Kirk from Canterberry, England. She gave a PowerPoint presentation titled “What makes it Modern.”

She went over the history of the Modern Quilt and gave the definition of what makes a quilt modern in today’s quilt world. Lots of negative space and asymmetry in design, bold colors, bright prints and Straightline quilting are a few of the techniques used. Improvisational Piecing is used by different shapes and sizes. Modern Traditionalism is taking a traditional block and reshaping it, Exploding Star is a good example of this. Most Modern quilts do not have a border! Match stitch quilting is a popular quilting used as well as the Straightline quilting. These were just a few of the techniques used to make a quilt have the Modern look.  Finer thread will show up less and heavier thread shows more.

Judi will be teaching a class at the 2022 AQS show in Daytona, Fl. She will be teaching a walking foot class.

Teresa shared her Indigo printed summer throw made from pieced fabric that she bought by the yard. She used Big Stitches to quilt it.

Catherine shared 4 scrap quilts made by Gail’s friend, Joyce. She also made a cat box for the shelter.

Enola made two quilts, one for her niece who is getting married in Wisconsin in September and one for her neighbor who is getting married soon.

Tonya made a phone purse for the boutique and a wall hanging from flying geese leftovers.

Sheila showed soup cozies made by Sylvia and a blue mat made by Helen.

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