July 13, 2021

Let’s Party!!!!!

BCQG July Meeting

July 13, 2021

Each Member was greeted with a Lai to help  them get into the party mood.

Gail and her husband made our party really cool with all the great cold drinks. They also furnished the hot dog grill as well. Thank you so much!

The Beach Hat Challenge was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed being funny!

                       Sheila won the hat challenge with a hat from Hawaii!

A Photo shoot was painted by Barbara Bourne to add to our fun evening!

                       Ann A. won the Summer/Winter challenge with one fabric.

                       She also won the Member’s Choice.

 Amy won the Summer/Winter challenge using both fabrics in the same project.

We played Beach Bingo to add more fun to the party. Enola provided everyone with sea shells and

playing cards. Our first winner was Lynn Bridges, second winner was Sheila Freddette, and our final

game ended in a tie with two winners, Gail and our newest member, Ginger Johnson.

We also played the LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER game with 5 inch squares in beach fabrics donated by Gail

and Enola. The winners at each table were Enola, Dianna, Catherine and Teresa.

We then had our show and tell for the meeting:

     Ann A. Made this quilt on her embroidery machine a square at a time. It looked like a tapestry

     and was amazingly beautiful!

Ann also made a beautiful bag with many pockets.

                              Phyllis made a reversible table runner. 

                        Another scrap quilt by our Amazing Amy!

Thank you to all the members that came out to make this a wonderful evening and a                   BIG Thank you to all of the Hospitality committee for all your hard work!

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