Fall 2019 Retreat

Lots of fun and interesting happenings on our second annual fall retreat held October 24-27 at the Summit Center located in the Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC.

On Wednesday Barbara T, Ann A, and Lisa R took the scenic route to the park to set up. Barbara’s car was loaded to the max so that Ann had to put her feet on a pack of water bottles and hold her arm up the whole way to keep boxes from tumbling down on her. Barbara who knows how to get to the park from HER house was less sure about directions after picking up Ann and Lisa and had plugged it into her car’s navigation system which had some strange ideas about a route. At one point, we had three phones with map apps and the car navigation all estimating different arrival times and routes. We finally made it and unloaded and set up.

Over the course of the next four days, 23 quilters turned out as overnighters or day campers. In addition to BCQG members, we welcomed back for a second year, Tanya from Alamance Piecemakers and Lisa’s friend Chris and her friend Lyleen as well as friends of Chris for the first time, Linda, and Geri.

Every day was filled with fun as we sewed, consulted with one another on projects, taught one another new tricks and skills, and ate a lot – not just meals but the amazing between-meals snacks provided by members. We also admired each other’s progress and completed works – motivated by Lisa’s drawings with ever-changing rules that rewarded quilters who finished projects with extra tickets in the pot.

Friday morning was particularly interesting as overnight campers woke up to no hot water, and we were all grateful for the announcement during breakfast hot water had been restored. There were some amusing hairdos that day since most of us chose to just sew as we were. Other than that, the accommodations were wonderful – comfortable rooms, pleasant staff – including those who adjusted the thermostat multiple times as we got cold or hot.

Then Saturday just before supper time, most people’s machines shut down and part of the overhead lights went out. Turns out a tree fell on a power line and knocked out power to part of the building. The ranger came in to report that supper was warm and we could eat early and hope the power would be restored in the meantime. After dinner, we got creative and plugged strips into working outlets so we were back in business, and there was a group hurrah when everything came back on and we could see to sew into the evening – or for some into the wee hours of the morning.

Many thanks to Lisa R. for all the hard work she put into advance arrangements, communication with the park staff and those of us attending, organizing, and providing treat bags, decorations and prizes.

Check out photos from the retreat.

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