Christmas in July 2019

Woman dressed as elf

Charming elf Lisa J with her charm bag

As is our custom, we celebrated Christmas in July at our July member meeting, and Lisa J and her hospitality committee really outdid themselves in planning a CHARMING party for us including festive decorations, fun games with prizes, and parting gifts for us all.

Members dressed for the occasion and provided wonderful and tasty food. We also welcomed two guests. Elaine arrived late unaware it wasn’t a typical meeting, but joined in for the fun and games and then signed up as a member at the end of the meeting.

The charming theme involved

  • a game of left-center-right played at each table where each member began with ten 5″ charm squares she brought. Winners were MJ, Ilona, Maxine, and Teresa.
  • Mini charm packs under the tree for us to choose from as well as instructions for a bag pattern Lisa J made from charm packs, Anyone who brings an item to the December meeting made from the charm pack will be entered into a drawing for a prize.
  • Charm decorations from the tree – made by Lisa J – for us to attach to our favorite sewing item.

There were also three rounds of Bingo and resulting happy prize winners – Ann L.,¬† Ann A., and Ilona. Helen D. won the name tag drawing, and after a tiebreaker drawing between herself and Sandra, Lisa R. won the prize for collecting the most clothespins from others who slipped and said the word “quilt” during the evening. Lisa and Sandra both ended up with nine pins after we all began with five.

Check out photos below.

Decorations and Food

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Games and Prize winners

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