Holiday party 2018

The fun begins with food

After a mega snowstorm delayed our party (and everything else) for a week, we gathered on December 18th to celebrate the holidays and another successful year as a guild. It turns out we are creative in the kitchen as well as in the sewing room, so there were plenty of goodies to sample as we enjoyed a meal together. We welcomed new member MJ who has recently retired and is excited to join us.

We also collected several boxes of nonperishable food items donated by members. Thanks to Lisa R. and Ann A. for delivering those to Christmas Cheer the following day.

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Holiday attire and decorations

There was quite the competition when it came to festive holiday outfits.

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Many thanks to Lisa J. for providing great decorations and to Lisa R. and Barbara for helping her arrange and decorate the space earlier in the day.

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Christmas Challenge

Our first activity after stuffing ourselves was the exchange of Christmas Challenge projects. In July eight members brought a bag to the meeting in which they had placed fabric and suggestions or a pattern for a project they would like to have sewn. Each bag was taken home by another member who completed the project. Participating members did not know who took home their bag, so the big reveal was filled with surprise and excitement at seeing what everyone received. Some people had an even bigger surprise since they could not remember what they had put in the bag almost six months earlier!

Debbie began by presenting her completed quilt to Lisa.

Lisa then gave Penny her quilt.


Penny presented Enola with an extra long runner for her long table.

Enola took home Gail’s bag, and Gail could not attend the rescheduled party, but we got to see her bowtie table runner anyway. Sylvia was the proud recipient of a table topper and placemats (beautifully quilted of course) from Gail.

Teresa is collecting door quilts to hang on her front door and asked for a summer one. Sylvia made her happy with a sunflower door quilt.

Teresa took home Ann’s bag and returned with a lovely table runner.

table runner

Ann finished off the exchanges by sharing a quilt with Debbie.

Show and tell

Enola shared decorative balls she had made including a temari ball she made and folded fabric ones from the Saturday session Penny led.

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Sheila shared a hot-off-the-machine quilt she made for someone to gift to owners of a boat named Bella with “Ahoy from the Bella” stitched into the quilting.

Nautical quilt

Dirty Santa gift exchange

Next up was a round of Dirty Santa. There was some confusion about why 23 people were participating and we had 24 gifts, and only long after we were done did we realize that Gail had sent a present but wasn’t present herself.

While numbers were being prepared for the game, Lisa J. won the name tag drawing and received a sewing box.

We had much fun, a fair amount of dirty stealing, and some lucky folks who were able to steal for the third time and be safe in taking home their preferred gift.

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Rip-it game and the usual chaos

After much discussion and back and forth about how to get ourselves into small groups for the Fold it, Snip it, Rip it, Drop it, Pass it game, we finally managed to count off (twice!) and circle up to complete the process of sharing our red and pink fabrics with one another. Lisa R. provided everyone with the same white fabric to use as a background, and it was decided we would bring completed blocks back in February due to holiday busy-ness.

Make as many blocks as you like using the fabrics you took home, and your name will be entered in the drawing in February once for each block you contribute. Last year we had enough blocks contributed from the rip-it game that they were divided among two winners. Check out photos of all of our monthly challenge blocks and what winners have made from them.

Mystery quilt coming up in 2019

This will be our final block drawing for a while since in 2019 those who opt in will participate in a mystery quilt challenge (case #130, Multiple Choice) from Merry Mayhem. The introduction and fabric requirements for different sizes (crib, twin, queen) have already been shared with members.

New clues will be provided each month starting in January with options for blocks to make, and only members who have paid 2019 dues will have access to the monthly clues. The number of blocks you make varies with the size of quilt you choose – 2 each month for crib, 4 for twin, and 6 for queen.

So be sure to select your fabrics using the provided guidelines so you will be ready to begin making blocks after the January meeting. Each month, as the name of the case implies, you will have multiple choices of blocks to choose from, and you will make the number of blocks appropriate for the size of quilt you’ve chosen.

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