October 2018 – 46 quilts donated!

Our president feeds us!

In addition to being the evening of the president’s challenge, Sheila also surprised us with Halloween decorations and spooky foods. Thanks to Gail for additional photos of Sheila’s treats and also for supplying the ham delights rolls.

Learning about NALES

Our October meeting included a huge show and tell where members shared all the quilts they had made to donate to the National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support (NALES). Representative Krystal Paylor joined us and shared a bit about NALES and what they do to support families of law enforcement officers.

The program through which we are donating our quilts is the Blue Line Kids H.A.L.O.S. program. Krystal shared the number of quilts given nationwide to children who had lost a law enforcement parent: 140 in 2015, 181 in 2016, and 165 in 2017. Six weeks after the death, quilts are sent to the family by way of the law enforcement office the parent worked for. Each quilt is accompanied by a personalized letter and a teddy bear donated by Tactical Baby Gear. Krystal is responsible for quilts donated and gifted east of the Mississippi, and she reported that her 13 year old son is a great helper to her in deciding what boys might like. At her request, we worked to make quilts for older boys since that is what she often seems to be in need of.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell was in two parts. The first group of 13 quilts resulted from Sheila’s 2018 President’s Challenge a.k.a. the Ugly Fabric challenge. Members who participated donated a piece of ugly fabric and then incorporated the piece they pulled out of Sheila’s Fab-o-matic and incorporated it into a quilt. Members had fun trying to pick out which fabric in the beautiful quilts was the ugly one. Barbara won the drawing for the president’s  challenge – a  lovely jelly roll, a seam ripper (who needs that?), rotary cutter blades, and quilting needles -you mean blades and needles need to be replaced?

Following that, members shared 33 additional quilts they had made to donate. Debbie, who made four quilts, won the drawing for the non-ugly fabric donation quilts. She also won a jelly roll and a book with patterns for kids’ quilts.

In all, we packed up and sent Krystal home with 46 quilts! See photos of all the quilts that members made to donate.

Taking care of business

After a short break during which members continued to enjoy some of Sheila’s scary treats, we held a brief business meeting.

  • Lisa reported that despite the rain and associated challenges, we sold 124 tickets for a total of $209 Saturday at Mebane’s Autumn Fest. She reminded everyone if you haven’t already, to ask her for an envelope with a photo of the quilt on the front and tickets to sell. She also asked for help with showing the quilt in Greensboro at the Gate City guild show this coming weekend. They let us know at the last minute we could show/sell, and Lisa can’t be there on Saturday.
  • rack for hangersEnola thanked Debbie for her generous donation of a collapsible rack and covered hangers that made it possible to get items up off tables and easily visible to those visiting the booth. She reported that we brought in $433 on Saturday and a total of $993 for the year. Enola asked that members sew items to replenish our stock before the December 1st event at the Elon Community Church. Koozies are always needed, and there was discussion of making some with school/team logos. Several rope bowls were sold Saturday, so more of those would likely sell. Casserole totes were also requested by some customers. Read more about and see photos from our 2018 Autumn Fest booth.
  • Barbara announced that there was a stack of pre-cut fabric and batting for koozies. Members were able to sign out as many as they liked, and Barbara also provided printed one-page instructions to accompany those on our helpful websites page.
  • Sheila asked for a motion to approve bylaws amendments. There was a motion, second, no discussion and a vote. Current updated bylaws are always available from our officers and bylaws page.
  • Debbie reported on the slate prepared by the nominating committee for the 2019 board of directors that includes both officers and committee chairs.

Officers: President: Debbie Wayne, Vice President: Sylvia Hinshaw
Secretary: Barbara Taylor, Treasurer: Ann Acquilano

Standing Committee chairs: Membership: Pam Borden, Hospitality: Lisa Jones
Newsletter: Barbara Taylor, Programs/Workshops: Miranda Slade
History: Sylvia Hinshaw, Charity: Amy Steffen
Website: Barbara Taylor, Boutique: Enola Klingbeil
Raffle Quilt: Teresa Rouzer (2019) and Penny Burchfield (2020)

  • Penny raved about the good deals that could be had at the Buckhead Betties outlet sale October 12-20 in Greensboro.
  • Terri-Lynne talked about the visit she and Lisa made to Alamance House to sew with residents. They did a mini trunk show and sewed with three residents, but really needed an extra helper so it could be one-to-one assistance. Terri-Lynne invited others to join them on the first Tuesday of the month. The sewers had strong opinions about what they wanted to make. Read more about and see photos from Sewing at Alamance House.
  • Lynn asked if there was an option to do something similar on a Saturday for those who work during week days.
  • Amy talked about charities for 2019 and asked members to share suggestions and a contact person with her. Members agreed that they preferred several charities  instead of a single one for next year. Amy will arrange for charities to do presentations so members can vote on their top three.
  • Ann announced that Arlene, a church staff member had donated her serger to anyone who could use it. Linda took it home.
  • Penny asked anyone with ideas for the 2020 raffle quilt to please contact her.
  • Amy invited members to help with finishing the task of packing up fabric stored at the church. Several members spent time before the meeting sorting fabrics by color.

More winners

Kathy Stinehelfer won the name tag drawing. Leslie Cornell won the challenge block drawing and took home 13 blocks in honor of breast cancer awareness. Thanks to Miranda for providing the pink and other coordinating fabrics. See photos of all of our monthly challenge blocks and what winners have done with them.

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