June 2018: Wool Applique

Fun with wool

Helen - fabric from wool suitWe started the meeting with Helen sharing her love of wool appliqué. She began by telling us what we needed and where to find it. Wool is the obvious first supply, and while it can be purchased, it can also come from clothing – your own or purchased inexpensively at second-hand shops like Hospice. The wool needs to be felted (instructions for felting here) so that fibers will tighten up and it will not ravel – appliqué edges then don’t need to be turned under, just stitched down. Helen also likes kits with fabric and accompanying pattern.

Helen shared a handout of resources including the following necessary tools:

  • Needles – Helen likes Bohin needles and recommends #24 Chenille needles
  • Scissors – Helen likes Karen Kay Buckley 3″ and 6″
  • Embroidery thread – plain old Coats and Clark like many of us have around – usually uses two strands, sometimes one. Other threads like Finca #12 and Valdini (Helen’s favorite) do not have to be separated.
  • Transfer paper – whatever works best for you – examples might be Pellon 805 Wonder Under, Heat and Bond, or Trans-Web which Helen likes a lot.
  • Vinyl pressing cloth

With supplies assembled, the steps are as follows:

  1. Trace the design to the fusible transfer paper
  2. Cut out pieces leaving a 1/4″ margin
  3. Fuse the paper to the wrong side of the wool
  4. Cut out the pieces along the traced lines.
  5. Remove the backing and iron the pieces in place
  6. Stitch in place with embroidery stitches (blanket stitch for example) and embellish with other stitching, buttons, etc.

Other resources – suppliers, books, designers:

Finally Helen shared with us some of her beautiful completed projects and talked about different ways to display work including on trays, on lids of Shaker boxes, as wall hangings, or in a simple embroidery hoop. Helen also enjoys combining patchwork with wool appliqué in the same piece.

Taking care of business

We welcomed guest Lori who said she was checking us out; she is Debbie’s sister, and we encouraged her to join us as a member.

Pam talked about her proposal to replace the name tag drawing with a raffle drawing. Items would be donated or purchased, and members would buy chances at $1 a ticket with proceeds going to support member activities. Concerns were shared including whether we have enough members who will “buy in” to support it, whether items donated by members are actually valued by others, etc. There was also the suggestion of a 50-50 raffle. It was agreed to postpone a decision until the next meeting.

Pineapple Fabrics is having a June sale, and as a result of Keepsake Quilting being acquired by the owners of Pineapple Fabrics, it is expected there will be a lot of Keepsake merchandise at the sale. Members can sign up in the members-only section to carpool to the 3-day sale June 28-30.

Debbie took home this month’s scrappy patchwork quilt blocks  – somehow her idea to turn them into a charity quilt for a boy ended up being her quilt to complete. See photos of collected challenge blocks from all months.

Debbie explained the Christmas Challenge and provided bags to the eight members who have taken on the challenge. Enola as boutique chair announced there are growth charts, table runners, and grandparent banners that just need volunteers to do the finishing. She also talked about the need for aprons (pockets preferred) and showed a possible pattern.

Leslie won the name tag drawing – a ruler and a book, and Barbara, grateful she wasn’t taking the blocks, won a charm pack and bag of notions from the challenge block drawing.

Charity updates

Pam and Amy talked about recent acquisitions to support charity sewing efforts.

  • Lots of donated fabrics and many pieced blocks and tops that could be completed by members
  • Kits purchased at Pineapple Fabrics that can be signed out by members and returned completed
  • Yardage purchased for backing

Charity sew day is scheduled for Saturday, June 16 from 10-4. Come and sew or alternatively assist with cutting donation fabric and packaging kits.

Raffle Quilts

  • Lisa R. reported that the quilt is in the hands of Gail at Stitchmeisters and Gail reported it’s on the frame and quilting is underway. It should be completed no later than July 9 in time for our first opportunity to show it and sell tickets at the Raleigh Sewing Expo. Members are encouraged to sign up to accompany the quilt to shows and other craft fair events. See calendar of events for dates and locations of upcoming events and visit the members-only section to volunteer to help out for summer and fall events.
  • Lisa R. asked for input on a date for the drawing for this new raffle quilt since she needs to get tickets printed. After much discussion, it was agreed we would sell tickets for nine months and hold the drawing again at Uncle Eli’s in April 2019 since our 2018 Uncle Eli’s display and drawing was such a huge success.
  • Teresa is chairing the 2019 raffle quilt committee and thinks the next one could be ready by then so that we can show it at quilt shows in 2019 following the drawing for this one. The committee has selected a pattern and hopes to purchase fabric soon.

Show and Tell

Ilona, Lisa R,, and Sylvia shared completed little quilts made for children and their families that will be given to Carolina Adoption Services. See photos of all adoption quilts we’ve made.

Amy shared several completed projects including her finished quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s “On Ringo’s Lake” Mystery that is now available as an On Ringo Lake pattern. Amy estimates there are over 3500 pieces in the quilt! She also shared a couple of pieces she made from flower blocks she won in the March challenge block drawing as well as a a pet-themed quilt she’s made to raise money at the Columbiettes Barks & Crafts Fair in September. She encouraged members to make pet-themed items to sell at our boutique that day.

Lisa J. shared her ugly fabric challenge quilt – quilted by her mother-in-law Helen J. – it will make a great NALES quilt for a boy. Debbie shared a couple of quilts she’s recently completed – one made of flannel for her chihuahua, Harley and another made as a baby gift for Maria at Midstate. Finally Helen D. shared a winter-themed cathedral windows quilt.

As the meeting ended, members browsed donated fabrics and pieced work to take home.

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