January 2018 – lots of new!

Our first meeting of 2018 brought some changes to accompany the new year – newly revised bylaws and new officers, four new members, and a new format for business meetings (officers up front AND a bell!). Welcome to new members Kathy, Helen, Maxine, and Ann.

Lisa with her gift

We also recognized our outgoing officers, Miranda, Ann, Lisa, and Vernett who have given so much to the guild over the last five years and thanked them with tokens of our appreciation. Lisa couldn’t be at the meeting, so she received her gift early.

Planning for 2018

Sheila shared the purpose of the guild from the bylaws (in summary, educating members, supporting charities, and sharing with community) and said that she would like to have a focus on education this year, recognizing we are all in different places with our skills and abilities and that we all have things to learn. Committee chairs shared reports.

  • Miranda as charity sewing chair discussed our charity sewing plans and the need for members to not only generate quilts to donate to NALES (50″ x 60″ size preferred and with boy-friendly fabrics if possible), but also to be generous with donations of fabric. Regularly scheduled charity sew days will be every other month on the Saturday following the membership meeting – starting in February.
  • Barbara spoke on behalf of Lisa (hospitality chair). Lisa reported on her goals for this committee in the January newsletter and is pleased that Teresa and Leslie have agreed to help her. Anyone else interested should contact Lisa.
  • Barbara asked for suggestions and contributions to both the newsletter and the website. Amy has volunteered to help with newsletter – and coming up with fun stuff to keep members reading. Barbara also asked for feedback on how to respond to emails that are sent to the guild email account since she checks that email as secretary. There was a good discussion about whether advertisers should pay for spots in newsletters with a suggestion that they at least be asked to donate supplies to our charity sewing. General consensus was that a simple link in a newsletter was preferable to forwarding emails to everyone.
  • Vernett reported that program planning is in progress. Be sure to use links in newsletter and continue to add to the program interest survey to share topics, suggested presenters, and ways you yourself can contribute.


Lisa wanted everyone to know that there is still space if anyone wants to participate in the spring retreat (May 31-June 3) at the Ponderosa and Summit retreat centers. Contact Lisa or sign up online via the members-only page if you are interested. Lisa needs a one-night deposit from you to reserve your spot.


Sheila issued two challenges for the year – the UFO challenge and an “ugly fabric” challenge. All People Quilt sponsors a UFO challenge, and members may follow along with that – they select one number between 1 and 12 each month to correspond to the numbered project you will work on that you listed on the challenge form. You may also just list your projects on the form and work on them as you choose for our guild’s internal UFO challenge.

Sheila’s ugly fabric challenge requires everyone to look through their stash and select their ugliest fabric and bring a 5″ or larger square to the next meeting. Then by September, everyone should have finished one charity quilt incorporating the ugly fabric they chose from the bag of collected ugly fabrics. So start checking your stash for ugly fabrics (as some noted, ugly is in the eyes of the beholder!), and watch for details in the February newsletter.


We had a record 26 blocks created from icy fabrics for the January block challenge, so the blocks were split into two batches. Enola and Penny were the winners and each took home 13 blocks, so we hope to see finished products next month! Sylvia was sporting an icy shirt she bought just for the occasion. See photos of blocks from all of our monthly challenges.

Enola also won the name tag drawing, but after winning her icy blocks, she asked that another name be drawn, and Vernett took home fabric and a book.

Show and Tell

Penny shared a Welcome Home adoption quilt she made for Jameson who came to the U.S. from Haiti. Barbara explained that these little quilts are made for children and their families and given to Carolina Adoption Services. We can ask for names of more children and make additional quilts, and Ilona and Penny volunteered to make another quilt each. Anyone else who is interested should let Barbara know. Check out photos of adoption quilts we’ve made to date.

Ann shared her latest creations including a monogrammed purse and two stash and dash foldover organinzers. For the organizers, she used “fabric” that Lisa had created in a quilt-as-you-go class.


Upcoming quilt show

The Alamance Piecemakers quilt show will be held at Village at Brookwood Wednesday-Sunday, January 24-28.

Get your guild t-shirts!

If you did not order a guild t-shirt the first time around, Pam can place an order for more, but she needs a minimum order of 10 shirts, so think about whether you need one – or a spare if you already have one and use this t-shirt order form to request additional shirts. Once Pam has at least ten shirt requests AND prepayments from you, she can place another order.

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