Elon Craft Fair 2017

Today we enjoyed hanging out at the Elon Community Church during their Second Hand Santa & Craft Bazaar. We had good sales of our boutique items, and raffle ticket sales were strong as well. Even though we had sewn a lot of soup “koozies” (microwave bowl potholders), we nearly depleted our supply today.

Lisa encouraged folks to wear Santa hats. Barbara opted for antlers, and Lisa was pleased until Amy showed up and outshone everyone with her morning 99 cent purchase from the thrift shop. Lisa is on a mission now to find a better hat.

Dog with jewel bibAt some point in the afternoon, a dog showed up and was trotting around, and we tried to enlist the owner to buy some doggie clothing. He said he didn’t dress his dog, but we persisted and tried to sell him an embroidered tuxedo. His response was the dog was a girl, but that didn’t get him off the hook since we also had an embroidered necklace, so we made a sale, and the newly adorned dog scampered off to entertain others.

Thanks to Ann, Lisa, Barbara, Sylvia, Amy, and Teresa for staffing the booth and to Debbie for bringing her family to shop.

Check out more photos from 2017 Elon craft fair.

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