May meeting

Raffle quilt update

Lisa reported that we are in the black in terms of having sold enough raffle tickets to cover expenses associated with the quilt. Now we need to push to sell more tickets so we can actually make money. Thanks to Lisa and her hard work at setting up places we can show the quilt, there are many opportunities for members to accompany the quilt and benefit at the same time by attending wonderful shows.

Lisa passed around a list of scheduled events and asked members to sign up to help out. If you were not present at the meeting and want to volunteer to help, check out the raffle quilt showings document via our members only section and email Lisa if you’d like to volunteer.

Nominating committee

Ann and Lisa talked about the need for new officers. Our bylaws state a nominating committee will be formed in August, but several members went ahead and volunteered at the meeting to serve on the nominating committee.

Lisa distributed copies of the bylaws and asked members to read position descriptions (officers, committees) and consider how they would be willing to serve. You should let the current officers know your areas of interest.

Upcoming programs and opportunities

Ann talked about programs scheduled for future meetings. Check out details on the calendar page where for each meeting date you can find the topic, presenter, and a link for more information.

The High Point Quilt Guild has invited us to join them for their retreat at Haw River State Park October 19-22. The registration form was emailed to our members, and if you are interested, you should complete it and let them know as soon as possible.

Charity sewing

Magazines from LisaThere were questions about charity sewing – whether or not we have goals for how many of each item we hope to make. Rather than donating a few items at a time, we will wait until the end of the year and see how many items we have and decide then how to distribute them.

We discussed materials to be used for charity items – the guild maintains a huge stash of fabric that members can use for creating charity items, and apparently Miranda scored additional donations of fabric from the Heart of the Triad Guild at the end of their show. Lisa also brought magazines from the show and insisted everyone take a few because she’s bringing more next month!

We also discussed having Vernett purchase a large roll of batting to use in these projects. Sheila volunteered to store the batting and also to quilt any charity quilts made by members.

Sheila offered to assist anyone with skills, so if there is something you want to learn, email Sheila prior to our next sewing day (June 17) so she will know if she needs to bring resources to assist you. We have members who are new to sewing and/or quilting, and those with more experience have much to offer.

We talked about the need to keep track of hours and items made and possibly also keep track of hours volunteered to guild for events. Barbara and Pam are working on a way to provide members with an easy-to-complete form to log their time.

Dresden fan blocks

Vernett distributed part 2 of the instructions – how to cut and sew the 15-degree block she demonstrated last month. She discussed how the wedges come together and the center hole “shrinks” when sewn and pressed and how to appliqué a circle over the hole in the center.

Triangles are then sewn on four corners to form a block which needs to be squared up. Triangles from four adjoining blocks form a square in the center and can be made of contrasting colors for a different look. See complete 15 degree workshop instructions via our members only section.

She showed four blocks she has made so far from her scraps – two pairs of mirror images.

15 degree strips and block

Four blocks

Show and Tell

Several members have been busy. Terry-Lynne took a pillow-making class and turned her already completed Dresden fan blocks into beautiful pillows.

She also showed off a t-shirt quilt she had made for her daughter who had a stash of shirts from her soccer playing over the years.

Terri-Lynne's soccer t-shirt quiltTerri-Lynne's pillows

Pam shared two beautiful quilt tops – the colorful one using striped fabric was inspired by a book by Kaffe Fassett and is for her daughter; the other one is just for her.

Pam's quilt topPam's stripey quilt top

Sheila shared her printed panel that she had fun with by quilting around the designs and was seeking advice about whether to sell it as a boutique item. By the end of the evening, Frances had purchased the quilt for her great grandchild.

Sheila's cute panelBack of Sheila's quilt

Lisa shared a charity “duet” quilt she pieced that Sheila had recently finished quilting, and Ilona shared a fidget bib. Barbara donated a couple of microwave bowl holders for boutique sales made using these easy-to-follow instructions.

Ilona and her fidget bib

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