January 2017: a new year, a new website

After a week’s delay due to a snowstorm, we gathered for our monthly meeting.

  • Miranda gave an overview of the workings of the guild and the need for fundraisers like boutique items and raffle quilts in order to cover the cost of future outside speakers. She also talked about expanding our charity work with a recommendation from the board that we schedule a charity sew day every other month on the Saturday following our monthly meeting. She asked for someone to serve as coordinator to keep up with supplies and items made. We discussed several existing charities and also hope we can reach out to the local community to find ways to keep our sewing local.
  • Lisa reported on possible venues for the raffle quilt and shared a copy of raffle tickets she has printed. The quilt is being quilted now and should be ready for finishing soon. Lisa will prepare an envelope with a photo of the quilt for each member with the expectation that everyone will sell at least 20 tickets. Members will be needed to accompany the quilt for display at area events and shows. We will sell tickets until April 5, 2018 when the winning raffle ticket will be chosen at Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party.
  • We talked about possible activities and programs for 2017 including a round robin activity. See sample round robin rules from Lakeside Quilting Guild.
  • Barbara shared a demo of the group’s newly created website – if you are reading this, you found it! She asked members to visit the site and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement and/or content.
  • Barbara won the drawing and prize for those wearing their name tags to the meeting.
  • Show and tell followed with members sharing items they had recently worked on. Ilona had experimented with disappearing nine-patches. Ann shared a handbag with interchangeable covers as well as a “princess and the pea” quilt.
  • Frances: 2016 UFO winner

    Frances thrilled with her fabric as UFO champ.

    Frances was the winner of 2016 UFO challenge; she won a nice bundle of fabric to turn into new quilts.

  • We also looked at blocks members had made using fabrics from the December “Fold It, Snip It, Rip It, Drop It, Pass It” activity and discussed whether this may end up being our next raffle quilt.
9-patch blocks made by members

December’s rip/pass batiks have become blocks

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