December 2016 Holiday gathering

Lots of fun was had by all who attended our holiday party. We enjoyed fellowship, holiday music provided by Ann, and an abundance of yummy food brought by everyone.

We played a few rounds of quilting bingo (with prizes) followed by “pass the spool” which was in this case a jelly roll that produced a bit of lint as it was frantically passed to avoid being held when the music stopped. Vernett was the last one standing empty handed and ended up with the jelly roll as her prize.

Next up was Dirty Santa with a few dirty steals and a few very happy quilters once they had the third and final steal and were able to securely hold on to their favorite items.

Charm pack of fabricThis was followed by Fold It, Snip It, Rip It, Drop It, Pass It. Everyone brought a yard of fall-colored batik fabric, and at the end of the round of snipping, ripping, and passing, there was lots of discussion about color combinations. Various trades were made until everyone seemed happy with the color pairs they ended up with.

The evening ended with gifts for all from Lisa – charm packs and Singer sewing machine charms.

For the party quilt that will result from the take-home batiks, each person should sew two nine patch blocks made from two fabrics – one dark and one light – finished size 9.5″. The video below provides instructions on how to create a nine-patch using strip piecing.


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